Sunday, July 11, 2010


I enter the room. I feel stares all around me.
Stares that are profoundly prohibiting me from
moving. Stopping my flow, making me slow my row.
Cleopatra? No. Nefertiti? No. Michelle Obama? No
Jaylah. That's my name, it means joy of life.
Yes, I'm a tween queen. Insults, name calling,
slander? No it won't work. I am fearfully and
wonderfully made. The books I read encourage me
and let me know that I was created for a purpose
far greater than the superficial. I was created
to encourgage, motivate, and most of all create
great works. My teachers are Jesus, Langston Hughes,
Opray Winfrey, Barbara Jordan, and Socrates just to
name a few. Therefore, you see, I only need the
expertise of a chosen few. So yes, fix your eyes
on all the knowledge I possess and you will
understand why I'm not interested in the usual
tween and teen mess. Bring it.

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